Hot Tub Covers and Hail Damage

We get a great deal of questions from spa proprietors that are replacing their hot tub covers due to hail damages. Typical inflexible foam covers obtain hammered by hail because they don’t absorb effect very well. As individuals who live in areas of heavy hail tornados recognize, anything rigid is mosting likely to take a pounding.

The service to this would be something that is able to provide or absorb impacts. In Hollywood when a stunt man falls from a wonderful elevation, he intends to land on something that will certainly absorb his effect like an air bag. The air bags the stunt man come down on are made made from the very same products as the hot tub covers made by

Currently the stunt air bag is designed to open up and also release air when it “catches” the stunt person so please do not utilize your SpaCap Spa Cover by doing this. Nonetheless if your house gets on fire as well as you need to jump out of the home window to save your life aiming for the SpaCap would possibly save your life.

Nevertheless you are a little larger compared to the typical hail rock and the damage from you getting on hot tub covers would certainly not be covered by the guarantee. However despite exactly how intense the tornado or the hail stone the hot tub covers made by will give or catch it without damages. We have evaluated it by driving golf rounds right into it, going down bowling spheres on them and also simply having them being used around the country in locations that get serious hail tornados. does a brisk service changing foam filled spa covers squashed after a storm however thus far not also one of the SpaCap spa covers have actually ever before been harmed by hail.

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