Swim Spas for Exercise and Relaxation

Swim spas certainly are a relatively new addition to the pool and spa industry. They appeal to both athletes and pleasure-seekers alike. In case you are not even sure what a swim spa is, keep reading to see why swim spas are popular for both exercise and relaxation.
Ok so what exactly is a swim spa?
A swim spa is less than a pool but larger than an average-size hot tub. It utilizes a propulsion system to produce a current of rushing water that users can swim against. Most swim spas include therapy jets to loosen muscles and relieve stress, too. They typically vary from 14 to 16 feet long, goes from seven to nine feet wide and from three to five feet deep.
The advantages Keeping a Swim Spa
Even if a swim spa is like a hot tub in that they are great for exercise, rehab, relaxation and socialization, it might offer a present so you could do lap swimming in a concise environment.
• Water workouts provide more resistance than exercising on the environment, making each movement more difficult to your current muscles. Exercising in water helps to prevent overheating and lowers your heart rate but gives the same cardiovascular benefits as regular exercise. People of most abilities could easily exercise in water.
• Relieve arthritis pain in a swim spa’s warm environment.
• Tone and strengthen your body with water aerobics for instance aqua-jogging and weight training.
• Additional seating areas in certain swim spas are divided from the original and main swimming area and let for socializing or perhaps just lounging in the warm water.
• Teach a toddler to swim within a controlled environment.
• A swim spa is a self-contained unit which might be moved if you decide to use to relocate.
Swim Spa Installation
A swim spa can easily be installed in any spot of your own home that’s equipped to handle the mechanical requirements. Due to their compact size, most swim spas can fit almost anywhere either inside or out which can be installed above ground or inground. The space must be able to support a minimum of 200 pounds per square foot or more, based on the material used.
Maintaining a Swim Spa
The maintenance to produce a swim spa is relatively easy and much the same as such regarding a regular pool or spa, although chemicals made particularly for warm water are recommended.
Some swim spa models consist of internal sanitizing systems which can include ozonators, which minimize of the amount of maintenance needed.
Costs of a Swim Spa
Swim spas generally include about $10,000 to $35,000, according to the size, materials used and functions requested.
Accessories to feature
There are several varieties of accessories you’ll be able to supplement your swim spa, including:
• Fiber-optic lighting
• Stereo equipment
• Automated controls
• Contoured seats
• Hydrotherapy jets
• Dual heaters to heat seating and swimming areas separately
• Custom Swim Spa Covers
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